Unearthed Dance Trapeze Mentorship is a 6 week 1:1 creative development course. Focused on delving deep into your creative center to emerge with a truer sense of your own style and expression on dance trapeze. In this course we'll explore your relationship to trapeze, your movement style, your creative goals and blockages. Expect to be challenged and ready to uncover your unique voice on this diverse apparatus. 


You will need access to safe rigging and a dance trapeze. The rest of the course is 100% online. 


This course isn't about teaching you to copy a certain style or to move like me. It's to move like YOU. It's about connecting and tuning into how your body likes to move, to look beyond tricks and poses. To become clearer about who you are on this apparatus. 


Who is it for?

  • Intermediate to advanced trapeze aerialists

  • Aerialists who are feeling uninspired and in need of a creative change

  • Aerialists who compare themselves to other aerialists and feel 'not good enough' 

  • Aerialists who interested in freestyle/improvisation work for spinning

  • Aerialists who want to enrich their dance trapeze practice 


What do I get in the 6 weeks?


  • Weekly worksheets and assignments to become clear about your goals, your style, and your challenges  

  • Weekly dance trapeze physical assignments

  • Four 6o min 1:1 zoom calls with me - these can be scheduled when you need them. They can be used as online trapeze lessons, chat through the worksheets, feedback, support, whatever you need

  • Video feedback and guidance 

  • Spinning tips and technique 

  • Private facebook group - to connect and share with other participants on the course 

  • Online sharing and discussion with other participants at the end of the course


What do you need for the course?

  • Access to safe rigging and a dance trapeze

  • Good Internet connection

  • A device to film on

  • Whatsapp account to share videos 


Course details

  • Fee £597 - payment plans are available 

  • 6 week commitment 

  • You must have weekly access to a training space - 2-3 hr minimum

  • Your own or reliable access to a dance trapeze

  • Be confident inverting in the ropes




What this course is not

  • Video tutorials of tricks 

  • Copy and paste sequences 




What do you walk away with?

  • Established vocabulary that is ready for you to use in sequences,acts and improvisations that embody’s your style

  • Improved spinning ability and understanding

  • Clarity on your trapeze style and direction

  • Deeper connection to your body and your relationship to your trapeze practice

  • Actionable steps for your creative processes after the course

  • Broader support network and community around the world


I only accept a limited number of people for each round to ensure the quality of the course.