For many years I've been torn between my love for the movement arts and the visual arts. I've always been drawn to botanical artwork and specifically leaves. I love how delicate yet incredibly detailed and unique each leaf is. A network of paths in each one creating a beautiful map. During lockdown last year I returned to drawing and painting as a way to find some calm and peace. Drawing these delicate little pieces of nature teaches me to look beyond what I thought I saw, to look again and again, to see how everything is connected even in something we often don't give much thought to in our busy lives, like leaves. 


Each leaf is done with ink pen's on recycled paper. The leaves are approximately 3 x 4 inches, though size will vary depending on the leaf. 

I have a small number original drawings for sale and I am happy to take commissions if there is a specific leaf you have in mind. 


Existing art  £75 - £100

Commissions £100 + depending on the piece

For more images and to see my most current work check out my instagram page Ink.leaves

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